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By Any Other Name

The traditional notion of family is challenged in this documentary portrait of Cindy Lutenbacher, Ph.D., a white English professor at Morehouse College, who mounts a host of personal challenges to create a family of her own.

This intimate documentary portrait follows Lutenbacher and her family as she candidly shares the experiences that led to her choice to become a single mother, adopting three daughters from different ethnic backgrounds.

2011 DMIS - Student Documentary Screening


One-Man Market

If at any point you have walked or driven past the corner of Joseph E. Lowery Blvd and Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., you’ve certainly seen him. You’ve definitely heard his call.  You may have even stopped to talk to him and purchased from his One-Man Market.

He’s the Fruit Man.  Do you know his real name?
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My Open Book

A little about Daniel D. Edwards

A Clean Mess

A Clean Mess (1/10)A Clean Mess (2/10)A Clean Mess (3/10)A Clean Mess (4/10)A Clean Mess (5/10)A Clean Mess (6/10)
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A casual glance at the inside of a two-bedroom apartment…occupied by college students.

In an interview with the New York Times Joshua Febres talks about his connection to drugs, the Crips and getting back in school.

Courtesy of NYTimes.com

In order to get this interview, these may have been the questions asked:

  • How was going back to school after getting out of rehab?
  • How did you become involved with drugs?
  • How did you become involved with the gang?
  • When did you get arrested and what for?
  • What made you want to change?

Top Photos:

  • Close up of Febres reading with a blurred background.

With the focus on him and everything else blurred out it exemplifies his personal focus on school and everything else a faded memory.

  • “Love/Hate” tattoos

The lighting on this photo is perfect.  The focus on the photo draws your eyes to the tattoos.  Personally, I was drawn to the chains above “hate.”  It’s good symbolism for how hate binds a person.

  • Febres holding the baby

The lighting on this photo is soft.  It caused a nice shadow effect on the pillow behind Febres.  The lack of focus on the person in the background left me wondering if that was a fellow gang member or family member.  Again, with the focus on Febres it shows how he’s looking forward.

What was great about this interview were the shots of Febres and his mother, the play fighting on the street and Febres standing on the street where his hide out used to be.  His story is great as well.  What was not so great was the one photo of Febres walking in the hallway of school next to the open window.  The lighting was too dark to really see him.  Overall this was a great story with great photos.

Morehouse College and Spelman College have unique campus cultures.  What do those who live, work, and play in AUC have to say about it?

*”Spelhouse” photo courtesy of kreemo.com*

Advice From a Journalist

Advice From a Journalist 1/3

Advice From a Journalist 2/3

Advice From a Journalist 3/3

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mashaun D. Simon & Daniel D. Edwards

Rising theologian and LGBT activist talks about his current career as a freelance journalist.

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